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Comments Last Year from Red-tagging Colleague

Updated: May 17, 2021

I have written this last year, 18 March 2020, after some hurtful comments a week earlier from a red-tagging UP Mountaineer colleague. She has found it difficult to believe that the outbreak would run into tens of thousands of cases. This blog involves a web app that has finally, after over a year, been recommended by DOH technical staff for fielding this year ( Here it is as it has appeared in my blog elsewhere last year.

"We should have posted this last week. Have not meant to shelve it. Demands of work, overwhelming. Our partner Fr Francis, probably helping the Dumagat victims of Kaliwa Dam development, caught in Infanta by the lockdown . 

The team is short on devs as it goes into Phase II. Difficult. The blog, here it is.

This is the time to hit the ground running.

We are in for a long haul.  There is a good chance we are going to get hit as seriously as Italy; Italy has been hit with more than 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Our own hits, probably going to be mostly in Metro Manila.

The team, thanks to the innovation kids, has already finished the initial design for a response protocol support. This is for our healthcare system that we are developing. The team now is more than halfway with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP; this was last week).

In the process of explaining the merits of the project to prospective volunteers, we get negative reaction from some.  These are some comments regarding an announcement for UP Mountaineer volunteers. “Una, galit sa Pangulo, sa bahay daw sila kikilos, ngayon 360 nasa loob na siya sa circle ng Pangulo. Habigats mehn!”  “Mannnn, I am dying from laughter here, slapping my knee and wiping tears and wheezing like an old man.”

"Yan na YAN ang profile ng mga tangang hindi nakakaintindi sa Pangulo: mga puro porma.  They just like sounding good and decent but in reality are obscene bastards who have done nothing of worth in their lives. All that matters to this ass is that he sounds impressive even if it's just one big turd he is pulling out of his ass.  Typical. Real typical. Paintelektwal at ang lakas manlait na tao na mahal ang Pangulo kasi pakiramdam nya nakakaangat sya — kahit na WALANG SUBSTANCE. KADIRI"

These are not all of it.

Times like these we care none at all for  whether we are dealing with the President’s office or not. Times  like these, we are all in the same boat. Indeed, we are all in the same boat, COVID-19 or no COVID-19 — 360 degrees.

When we receive negative comments, best to look at the merits of the comments, ignore when there are none. Thankful for the comments no matter what. More information is good. That is how Generative Adversarial Networks work.

We are hitting  the ground running. Keeping the focus. We are happy this way.

There it is.

We ought to talk to the authorities before we go on with the project.  They know better. We need to accept this. Besides that is politics we need to live with.

Our response, we predict. We work as we see the future. Our advantage, we can envision, model. Our prediction happens, we are on the right side. When we are wrong, we accept and we adapt. We are agile.

We are told, “Two numbers pa lang, 2 weeks and 10,000, buking na walang experience o alam na gumawa ng anything IT related sa health care. Saan galing ang numbers na ito, magic show.”

Our experience now matches that of Moses'. Project Moses is the project name.  Anyone tries to stop us, not a problem. History is with us."

Photograph is a selfie of the author as he has lined-up for RT PCR swab test at the San Juan, Batangas municipal town hall plaza last month.

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