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School Strategy and Knowledge Management

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

That some school like Batangas Eastern Colleges is housed in old and not so good-looking edifices, then it follows that the school is dishing-out old and outdated forms of knowledge — not true in the case of Batangas Eastern Colleges.

The author with artists of San Juan who have just been introduced to the wild and colorful birds of San Juan. Ka Intsik is the fifth from the right; he manages the property where the wild birds are.

Using a 2012 Macbook Pro unit, I have been giving lectures on Large Language Models fairly recently for large audiences here in Batangas and elsewhere. My audiences have included UP Diliman students, Rogationists seminarians, Baranggay Buhay na Sapa teachers and students here in San Juan, Batangas, technological-vocational school students also here in San Juan. Again using this unit, I have been publishing online quite a number of blogs that have had engagements from all over the globe. In addition, also using this unit, I have been engaging with my ICT team that is now working on an integrated education management system for schools (We are now almost finished; we are just about to deliver our product at least four months ahead of agreed time of delivery) — I am board chair of an ICT start-up that is into ERPs and other types of ICT systems. That I am using an old Macbook Pro unit, it does not follow that I am dishing out for everyone old and useless knowledge. Repeat, the point is that that some school like Batangas Eastern Colleges is housed in an old and not so good-looking edifice, then it follows that the school is dishing-out old and outdated forms of knowledge — not true in the case of Batangas Eastern Colleges.

This conclusion brings me now to the topic of knowledge management.

Knowledge management — if anyone is into it, whether as a government institution or as private education institution — involves the following components (Iterated with some help from OpenAI LLM ChatGPT-4).

  • Knowledge Creation

  • Knowledge Acquisition

  • Knowledge Storage

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Knowledge Application

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Knowledge Preservation

  • Knowledge Assessment

  • Knowledge Utilization

  • Technology Infrastructure

  • Knowledge Management Strategy

  • Knowledge Management Governance

These caterogies themselves can be subsumed under only three major categories.

  • People

  • Processes

  • Technology

“People” category itself is composed of the following.

  • Knowledge creation

  • Knowledge acquisition

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Knowledge preservation

  • Knowledge application

  • Knowledge utilization

These components of “people” category themselves can be subsumed under the following simpler more general heading.

  • Knowledge Creation and Acquisition

  • Knowledge Sharing and Transfer

  • Knowledge Application and Utilization

Focusing on these three people categories, let me explain how these are related to my earlier pronouncement a couple of years ago — “Plans for Batangas Eastern Academy, Inc.,” (

As I have earlier indicated, the strategy that the school can take that I envision comes in only three steps.

  • Short-term Plan that involves focus on paying debt even to the extent of huge sacrifices,

  • Medium-term Plan that involves innovation, and,

  • Long-term Plan that involves the school leading the town of San Juan, Batangas into becoming a globally competitive business hub.

Come this Christmas season, the school is going to start showing the way for citizens of San Juan to becoming globally competitive innovators.

On 9 December 2023, the town celebrates its 175th Year Anniversary. The school is participating in the celebration in two ways.

Firstly, the school is going to lead the way in showing what it means for the town to transform the old municipal hall into a museum. The school has already arranged for following exhibits to be displayed at the town hall.

  • Posters that highlight the archaeological work of the University of the Philippines in San Juan,

  • Paintings and other forms of visual artwork of an association of artists of San Juan,

  • Colorized photographs of leading San Juan personalities in the 19th and early 20th Century and of pre-WWII photographs of old houses in San Juan,

  • Colorized 1920s films of events in San Juan, and,

  • Photographs of colorful native and Philippine endemic birds found in San Juan.

Secondly, the school is going to put-up an exhibit, along with other trade exhibits, of items that the school deems as innovations that the citizens of San Juan can go into and be competitive in. The exhibit shall showcase Information Communication Technology capability of the school and its partners, innovative products produced by the technological-vocational students of the school, among other things.

Going back to Knowledge Creation and Acquisition, Knowledge Sharing and Transfer, and Knowledge Application and Utilization, it may be noted that most community schools here in Batangas Province and nearby provinces such as Mindoro and Quezon Province are almost exclusively only into Knowledge Sharing and Transfer. Many of these institutions are excellently managed as to be highly profitable. Nevertheless, most of these are not into Knowledge Creation and Acquisition nor into Knowledge Application and Utilization.

The administration of Batangas Eastern Colleges is proud to inform everyone that despite its highly difficult financial circumstance, it is able to expand its enrollment this school year by 6.7%. Compared to a similar but an older school in a nearby town, the Batangas Eastern Colleges is able to better attract more students -- that older school is able to issue dividends to stockholders over a hundred times that of what Batangas Eastern Colleges is able to give its stockholders

If I am asked as president of the school how the school is able to do that, the answer is simply that the school, with the work of the faculty and the administration personnel, is not simply a school that shares and transfers knowledge. It is a school that seriously takes its responsibility to generate and acquire up to date knowledge. It also seriously takes its responsibility to make sure that such generated and acquired knowledge is successfully utilized by the people of San Juan.

Even if the school is just beginning to show what it can do in this direction, significantly many are already apprised that this is truly a serious undertaking so far as the school is concerned — despite its old buildings and facilities We have just shown everyone what it means to sponsor an open hackathon — the first in the province. We have just shown everyone that a school in small town like San Juan can get the approval for a full four-year bachelor course in information systems. There is already much interest from CHED in the school planned two-year entrepreneurial course leveraging on the use of artificial intelligence in agro-forestry and fisheries. Our monthly open campus activities are always well-attended — these involve activities advancing reading comprehension for elementary students, activities advancing interest in science and mathematics for high school students and activities advancing leverage of Large Language Models in the practice of professions for college/TESDA students and college/TESDA alumni.

There. Maligayang araw po.

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