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More information is the only direction we can take. "More surprise," Claude Shannon puts it.

Here, Mondays.

Filipinos at large need to innovate more.  Our mental models have to be more adaptive. We need more inputs. We need better processing of inputs. We need to direct outputs where they serve the nation best. Our future looks bleak. It need not be always that.

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Paying Forward Now

April 5, at around 10:00 p.m., I have driven my car into a bunch of road barriers in the middle of an intersection between two highways,...

Mga Dilemma Natin

Pagpilian kung sino ang tutulungan. Babaeng may sakit na African-American na abandonadong ulila, single mother na may iisang anak pero...

White Hat Troll Guidelines

This is about the two rules, among others, with which white hat trolling may be measured or weighed. Mental Models First, white hat...

Terms We Use

Terms we invent and use determine our conceptual frameworks. Ergo, our theoretical frameworks. Ergo, our mental models. Ergo, our...


Systems are most reliable when coherent. Unfortunately, I can only argue as a philosopher in support of this. I await for science to...

Obedience At Some Cost

“Let me be imprudent,” has been said by a junior faculty member addressing Dr. Jose V. Abueva, then UP president. The occasion has been a...

Wicked Problems

Time the public at large adds "wicked problems" to its toolbox. “Project Moses” has been suggested by one of our board members, a bar...

Liberalismo at Pangangatuwiran

Liberalismo at Pangangatuwiran: Galing sa Isang Lumang Proyekto Ko 27 Pebrero 2008 Kaalaman sa maayos na pangangatuwiran at kaalaman sa...

Paggamay sa Kapalaran

Pag-alala sa La Liga Filipina, itinatag nang 3 Hulyo 1892. 16 Pebrero 2008, galing ito sa isang project ko kung saan. Ang EDSA Shrine,...

Measure of Leadership

Blog of mine from elsewhere, March 27, 2020. Looks like this needs to be revisited. "There are many kinds of leadership. Everyone knows...


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