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More information is the only direction we can take. "More surprise," Claude Shannon puts it.

Here, Mondays.

Filipinos at large need to innovate more.  Our mental models have to be more adaptive. We need more inputs. We need better processing of inputs. We need to direct outputs where they serve the nation best. Our future looks bleak. It need not be always that.

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The Catch

My grandmother was a widow. She had eight children.  It was the year the Second World War engulfed the country.  Together with her cousin...


Much of strategy is about trade-offs. My message, as Chief Executive Officer, for members of our school executive committee. Trade-offs,...

Turbulence, Life and Shannon's Entropy

According to some theory, turbulence has so much to do with the advent of compounds that have been the foundation of life in its most...

Kartilya at Dekalogo

May pumunta sa sabungan. Ang dala itik. HIndi iyan ang kuwento. Nang magsasabung na, ang karamihan ng tumaya, sa itik. (Kuwento sa...

School Strategy and Knowledge Management

That some school like Batangas Eastern Colleges is housed in old and not so good-looking edifices, then it follows that the school is...

World Without Truth

Conversation with ChatGPT GPT4.0 Version Agerico De Villa, 1 June 2023 I show here what it means to see a world without truth. ...

What is Wrong With Truth

“All areas of research and study are concerned with uncovering truths about the world,” a scholar declares. Incorrect to say that. “So...

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